Welcome to the place where you never know what the topic will be!

Being a mystery buff, it only seemed natural to create a blog where even I don’t know what it will be about from one post to the next. I’ve been a pastor for almost 25 years and can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. Without Jesus in my life, who knows what my life would be like.

I’m also a Queen of Procrastination. My motto is, “If it can wait till tomorrow, it will!” Sometimes I have victory in the fight to overcome it, but it’s a rare occasion.

I have been successful, however, at making the transition to a healthy (or as I say, healthier) lifestyle. It has truly been a journey, and I have lost about 45 pounds to date. The journey is ongoing, and I want to help others to be healthy. So don’t be surprised if I share some health tidbits from time to time.

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