Why the Cubs Will Win the 2015 World Series

Cubs World Series RingThe small Illinois town I grew up in is approximately the same distance from St. Louis as it is from Chicago. What that means is about half the town is made up of Cardinal fans while the rest consists of Cubs fans. I’m sure there are some White Sox fans sprinkled around town, but if you’re a fan of any other team, it can only mean one of two things: 1) you’re a transplant from another state or 2) you just plain don’t care about baseball.

During this year’s postseason, it has been fun following all my hometown friends’ posts on Facebook. I couldn’t resist participating in the friendly banter between rival fans during the division series. That’s right; I’m a diehard Cubs fan. I’m not sure how it happened, other than that’s what my family was. It’s in my blood, I suppose. Now that the Cubs are in the playoffs, fighting their rival team which also happens to have the best record in all of the Major League, I couldn’t let this baseball season go by without writing about why I think the Cubs will take the 2015 World Series after a 70-year hiatus from what a non-baseball friend of mine called the “Super Bowl of Baseball.”

God loves the underdog
Throughout the Bible, God uses the underdog. Probably the most well-known was David. David was a scrawny teenager when he knocked Goliath flat on his back. He was basically the runt of the family whose brothers thought he was only good for watching sheep. Yet before he ever went up against the giant, he took on lions and bears with a club whenever a sheep’s life was in danger. Turning down the armor of a warrior, David took down a 9-foot soldier whose armor weighed in at a hefty 125 pounds. How? The ancient form of baseball: a rock thrown from a sling!

The players are confident
It may be a team full of young guys and rookies; but ever since the season started, they believed they could do it. According to the following article from USA Today, published back in March, they believed they would knock out the St. Louis Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Pirates: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2015/03/08/chicago-cubs-2015-world-series/24619741/ And guess what? They just did! Even some of their fans (including me) had doubts they would pull it off. Yes, I admit I didn’t have as much confidence in them as they have in themselves. I’m thankful for that. Only those who are confident in themselves and ignore naysayers can take on the world and win.

Simply, it’s overdueCubs 1908 World Serie
Yes, I know just because a team hasn’t won the World Series since 1908 and hasn’t played in the World Series since 1945, doesn’t mean that they deserve to win it all. So let’s take a brief trip into history. Another well-known World Series drought was the Boston Red Sox. Their last win was 1918 but made a few appearances before finally winning in 2004. Legend claimed it was the Bambino’s Curse that kept them from claiming the big trophy. Before taking it all in 2004, it had been 86 years since their last championship and a mere 18 years since they had taken on the Series. The Cubs’ drought is much more severe: 107 years since a win and 70 since “making it.” My point is, if the Red Sox can break their so-called “curse,” so can the Cubs.

I realize this is my subjective point of view because I’ve spent my entire life as a Cubs fan, but even sports experts have predicted the Cubs taking it all this year. Fans of other teams are even cheering on the Cubs. With that kind of support, how can they not win? We can even learn from this year’s Cubs team. It doesn’t matter if you’re in last place or the underdog, if you have confidence and believe in yourself, you can accomplish great things no matter how big the obstacles may be.

Who do you think will win the 2015 World Series?

Meltdown of A Lifetime

“You murderer!”

“I swear, it wasn’t me.” The bloody carcass of the neighbor’s prissy Shih Tzu lay unmoving in my driveway. Sure, that yelping ball of fur tore up my daffodils, but I’m not so vindictive that I would go after it with my car.

“How can you lie to my face like that? Your tires are splattered with its blood!”

I shook my head. Where did she get the energy to scream at full power? I’d love to know her secret. My own energy level had been missing in action for several months.

That dog was useless. It had finally pushed me to the edge. This morning it was yapping at me nonstop while I was replanting my ruined flower bed. My only regret was that I hadn’t run over it sooner. And now that I’m on the receiving end of Joanie’s wrath, it’s too bad she hadn’t been on the other end of the dog’s leash.

“I’m not lying. I’ve been inside all day cleaning.” I knew I couldn’t convince her of my innocence when she was out of her mind with grief. “I’m sorry about your dog, but I’m not responsible.” I couldn’t continue to face her, so I turned and walked into the house.

I couldn’t take any more of Joanie’s hysteria. Overly emotional women make me want to go on a homicidal rampage. They’re weak for not being able to control themselves or their hormones.

Inside, I had my own emotional breakdown. Crying in front of Joanie would show my own weakness and sorrow at the loss of life, and I couldn’t let her see me cry. I collapsed on the couch and buried my face in my hands, allowing my tears to flow like Niagara Falls.

A few minutes later, Erick sat down next to me. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” My husband wrapped his arm around my shoulders, enveloping me into his chest.

“Joanie’s dog is dead, and she claims I did it. It may look that way, but I didn’t do it. I would’ve remembered such a vicious act.”

“I’m sorry her accusation hurts.” He paused and pushed a chunk of hair out of my face. “Well, you haven’t quite been yourself lately. Just the other day, you didn’t remember yelling at me for opening the wrong end of a bag of chips. That was so unlike you. You just turned fifty, which can cause undue stress. Remember when I had a mid-life crisis a few years ago? I wanted to quit my job and become a vagabond traveling the country.”

The memory made me smile. “Yeah, if it weren’t for me talking sense into you, you’d now be out in the boondocks somewhere.” Both of us chuckled. Erick always had a way to cheer me up. “I will admit, at times I feel like I have two personalities and even hear another voice in my head, but I swear I’m not crazy.”

“I know you’re not, Sweetheart. I’m sure it’s just a mid-life crisis that will pass.”

That’s right. It’ll pass. Right after I’m admitted to a psych ward.

I sat straight up and glared at my husband, “Oh no…it’s The Change.”

Erick fixed his bright green eyes on me as I gasped in horror.

“I AM a murderer!”