Happy Chicken Dance

Hmm…what was my favorite meal or treat from my childhood? That’s really hard since my mom was a great cook. She wasn’t one of those fancy cooking kind of moms. She had grown up on a farm, so we had a lot of meals like cornbread and soup beans, or liver and onions. Yes, I grew up on the meal that 90% of America hates. And yes, I liked it. Still do. We would smother a pile of mashed potatoes with the onions. I did not, however, like the soup beans that always accompanied the cornbread. Just give me the cornbread soaked all the way through with butter and syrup. Yum! But this post isn’t supposed to be about the food I didn’t like.

My favorite meal of all was probably Mom’s fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. I can’t say it was a meal that was special or was a celebration of anything. I just loved her fried chicken. As an adult, I tried to copy it but it just wasn’t the same. And now that I’m on a healthy living kind of diet (at least most of the time), I don’t even make an attempt anymore. I have absolutely no idea how she ever did it, but the skin would be brown and crispy while the meat was juicy. The skin was my favorite part. When we were older and the doctor put Dad on a “low everything” diet, my sister and I would fight over who got the skin from his chicken. And then Mom started taking the skin off the chicken and cooking it in the microwave. What?! I told her to leave the skin on mine or else. Okay, maybe not, but I did instruct her to leave it on my chicken. Like I heard someone say once, “Don’t make that chicken die in vain!”

The only thing that could make the meal any better was if she made a German chocolate cake for dessert. No store-bought frosting for that baby! Mom would make the coconut frosting from scratch, spread it nice & thick on top, and then put it under the broiler for a few minutes to toast it and make it crispy. Oh great…now I want some!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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