2014: The Year of Completion


The New Year has finally arrived and that means people all across America will be making New Years’ resolutions. Except me. In fact, I never make them. Why, you ask? Frankly, I just don’t believe in them. In my mind, they’re made only to be broken. Think about it. How many times have you resolved to lose weight, quit smoking, stop a bad habit, or start a good habit? And didn’t stick with it? According to statisticbrain.com, here are a few interesting statistics regarding New Year’s resolutions:

  1. The number one resolution is to lose weight. (No surprise there!)
  2. Of those who make resolutions, only 8% are successful at achieving them. (Wow!)
  3. Only 46% of resolutions make it past the 6 month mark. (That’s better than I expected!)

(If you’re just dying to know more, you can check it out here: http://statisticbrain.com/new-years-resolution-statistics/)

Instead of making resolutions, some might make goals for the year. I did that once. “12 Goals in 2012” is what I creatively coined it. I even had them organized in three categories. Did I reach any of them? You bet your sweet bippie I did not reach a single one!

There are several reasons why I don’t reach goals very often, if at all. When I was younger, no one ever really talked to me about the idea of making goals, short term or long term. So I’m basically clueless of the best way to make them and the steps to get there. Another reason is there is something ingrained in me that prevents me from completing things, whether they are goals or projects. For example, right now I have the following things I have started and never finished: 3 books, 4 Bible studies, 4 cross stitch projects, a rocking chair to finish repairing, a ceiling fan to be installed, and a weight goal yet to be reached. Some of these things were started years ago. There’s even a blog entry I started writing but haven’t finished yet. How sad is that?! And please don’t tell me I’m the only one in this great big world who has this challenge.

Actually, I blame my dad for this negative trait in me. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my dad & there are many good traits I inherited from him – my sense of humor being one of them. But I noticed he would start projects and not finish them, including two big home improvement projects that are still unfinished to this day. Finishing a book, however, didn’t used to be an issue for me, so I’m surprised I have so many partially read books. I’m to blame for this one, though. I began the habit of starting another book before I was done reading one. I just can’t read more than one book at a time like some people, and at one time in my life I purposely didn’t read two books at a time – for that reason.

With knowing about this problem in my life, I have declared that 2014 is the Year of Completion. I am basically tired of not finishing things. In fact, it just downright irritates the heck out of me! That is why I am determined to FINALLY complete at least ONE thing from my above list. You see, I’ve come to realize that one reason why I fail at completing goals is I tend to make too many of them at one time (in addition to just taking my own sweet time). So for 2014 I’m basically making only one goal: to reach a goal. Yes, I’m strange like that! If I’m able to finish all of them, excellent! If I check off only a few, great! If not, that’s ok. As long as one of them is completed. Finito. Done. Checked off the list.

A very wise man advised me to make a list of the top 5 projects that would be the easiest to complete and build upon each one as they are finished. What a great idea!! (Now why didn’t I think of that?!) My list is made and I have already made progress. Yay me! It’s not checked off just yet, but it’s one step closer to being done. Just getting started jazzes me and inspires me to continue. However, I have to be careful. Another problem I have is being gung ho about something right off the bat but then I fizzle out along the way. My hope is that by declaring this as a year of completion, it will help me break through this wall of incompletion in my life.

Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying that goals or resolutions are pointless or futile. On the contrary! We must have something shoot for or we will just wander aimlessly in our lives. Make your resolutions. Make your goals. And go for it!

What goals or resolutions have you made for 2014? Let’s make it happen!